Happy Birthday, Ian! [September 16, 1986]

"Why do you wear so much purple?"

Anonym: I don't understand your love for naley.

bonnie bennett meme ;; ten episodes [4/10]

The Plague” Extended Trailer (x)

paige matthews + hair porn

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"You know, I have never really given a shit about the hotness level. It’s just kind of that thing that’s there. If people find me less attractive because I’ve done some shady things, maybe that could be a good thing. But in terms of whether or not people will find me more or less attractive, it’s really none of my business if they do. So c’est la vie to that."

Happy 28th Birthday, Ian Michael Harding!

Anonym: Omg your urls !!! 😍😍😍 would you ever give some of them away ?

depends on the url :) some of them I really want to use and won’t give away. Just come off anon and tell me which url you’d like to have and I’ll decide then :)